Ascent of a 3000m Pyrenean summit

The Pyrenean 3000ers 

The Pyrenees range extends over 800 km from East to West, connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. This natural wall rises 3404m high, reaching its highest point in Spain at the top of Aneto. On the French side, Vignemale soars above all the other French peaks. Among all these summits, the summits above 3000m are particularly symbolic.

If all our "first times" remain memorable (whether it be for good or bad reasons), the climbing of a 3000m peak in the Pyrenees is no exception. Every Pyrenean walker or climber remembers the first 3000m peak he/she climbed in the massif. It is the guarantee of a mountain adventure that will lead you from green forests to hostile stony slopes, from lakes of an intense blue to sharp ridges, each time ending with a spectacular view that you will remember for a long time.

The months of July, August and September are ideal for tackling such a challenge. Together, we will choose the one that best suits your desires and your physical and technical abilities. I will help you optimize your equipment and guide you safely for this ascent

These high mountain hikes are possible as day walks or over two days with a night in a refuge or in tents for an even more intense experience... 

Horizon du Vignemale

Turon du Néouvielle

A long walk up to the multitude of lakes in the Glère valley leading to a splendid 360° panorama of the Neouvielle Nature Reserve.  Possible as a very tough day-hike, one and a half days with a night in a refuge, or over 2 days if sleeping in tents.

Altitude: 3035m

Height gain: 1500m

Distance: 22km

Massif de Néouvielle
Le doigt du Taillon

The Taillon (Gavarnie)

The Taillon, a splendid summit next to the Cirque de Gavarnie whose north face will dazzle you from the first steps of the hike. To get there, there is an obligatory passage, the incredible Breach of Roland carved in the Pyrenean rock. At the top, a splendid view of the lunar landscapes of the Cotatuero valley in Spain.  This summit is usually done as a day-hike but it is also possible to do it with a night in a refuge if you wish.

Altitude: 3144m

Height gain: 1000m

Distance: 14km

Le Petit Vignemale

The smaller brother of the roof of the French Pyrenees, the "Petit" Vignemale offers a splendid view of the Glacier of Ossou, the Gaube Valley and of course its big brother. A steep and intense mountain trek from the start to the top!  Possible as a fairly tough one-day hike, or over one and a half days with a night in a refuge.

Altitude: 3032m

Height gain: 1350m

Distance: 17km


Monte Perdido (the "lost" mountain)

An expedition over 1 day / 2 days / 3 days sleeping in refuges or in tents nearby Ordesa and Monte Perdido (3355m) (full board in the refuges is around 50-60 Euros). We have the possibility to climb this legendary summit and even sleep at the top.  We start all hikes from the French side.  Please contact me for more details! 

Almost the whole hike takes place on the Spanish side of the border. We will see waterfalls and have the chance to go to the summit.  We could also visit the legendary "Faja de las Flores", see the Cirque de Gavarnie from above and walk through the spectacular Breach of Roland.   Also available: the tours of  NéouvielleVignemale, and Balaitus!  Or....the summits of Petit Vignemale (3032m),  Turon de Néouvielle (3035m) or the Taillon (3144m)!  Contact me for more details!

Altitude: 3355m

Height gain: 1800m (out and back) but will vary according to the options chosen

Distance: 26km if out-and-back

Mont Perdu depuis la vire des fleurs

Prices and payment

Half-day or evening

Adults: 30€ 
Childre: 25€
Private group (and groups of 5+) : 150€

Full day

Adults: 45€ 
Children: 40€
Private group (and groups of 5+) : 225
Large private group for full day (groups of more than 9) : 250 €
Minimum of 4 participants (if not privatised).
Method of payment: this can either be in cash, cheque, or by bank transfer.
Please contact me for details and options.

The ideal equipment for a successful mountain hike


Basic list

  • Small rucksack (25-30 litres is plenty), best with lots of pockets and waterproof (this is small enough for hand-luggage with most airlines)
  • Insurance documents and passport, credit card, cash in euros, emergency contact details
  • Boots (see above) and waterproof jacket (breathable materials are best) and waterproof trousers
  • Trekking shorts, lightweight trousers, a couple of wicking t-shirts (cotton not good), underwear and comfortable socks, spare trainers or sandals for evenings
  • Plasters for blisters and any personal hygiene and medication, including pain-killers etc.
  • High-factor sun-cream, sun-block for lips, sunglasses and sun-hat
  • 1 litre water bottle, packed lunch and spare energy food / treats
  • *Trekking poles highly recommended for trips with a lot of height gain
  • Warm layer, gloves for warmth
  • Penknife for cutting cheese etc and making packed-lunches (do not take in hand-luggage on flights!)
  • *Camera, binoculars, phone, novel, pocket dictionary, small notebook, waterproof bags or rucksack liners
  • Headtorch and spare batteries (not essential in mid-summer)
  • *Extra sack for leaving spare items and clothes in hotel or minibus

Additional items for hut-to-hut treks

  • Larger rucksack (45 litres is usually fine) in order to fit in extra food and clothes items
  • Extra cash to pay for huts and BMC reciprocal rights card if you have one
  • Lightweight sleeping-bag liner (silk is best but more expensive) or sewn-together sheets (the huts provide blankets)
  • *Lightweight travel towel
  • *Extra warm layer because the higher huts can get cold at night even in summer

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