Night hike under the stars in the Pyrénées

International Dark Sky Reserve

An International Dark Sky Reserve. There are 14 in the world, and only three in France.  The Pyrenees are fortunate to have one of them, the International Dark Sky Reserve of the Pic du Midi de Bigorre. These spaces are dedicated to the preservation and protection of the quality of the sky by fighting against the phenomenon of light pollution.

Close to the Pic du Midi, the Hautacam offers an accessible viewpoint of choice for enjoying this exceptional preserved space and immersing yourself in the vastness of these starry skies.

Réserve Internationale du Ciel Etoilé
Coucher de soleil Hautacam

A snowshoe walk under the stars

Replace your evening in front of the TV with a snowshoe walk under the stars along the ridges of the Hautacam mountain, in the International Dark-Sky Reserve. Allow yourself to be stunned by the depth of the universe, contemplate the lights of the villages far below, discover the most famous constellations, or let the full moon light your way under the Milky Way.

Remember that two thirds of wild animals are nocturnal, so there's a good chance we will see something up there! 

Conditions and Equipment

The beginning of the hike will be half an hour before sunset.

The rental of snowshoes and poles is included within the limits of the available stock.

The list of recommended equipment for a snowshoe outing in the mountains is shown below. You can add a layer of clothing because the temperatures are particularly cold at night.

To this list you should add a headlamp.

Minimum of 4 participants (if not privatised).

Prices and payment

Half-day or evening

Adults: 30€ 
Childre: 25€
Private group (and groups of 5+) : 150€

Full day

Adults: 45€ 
Children: 40€
Private group (and groups of 5+) : 225
Large private group for full day (groups of more than 9) : 250 €
Minimum of 4 participants (if not privatised).
Method of payment: this can either be in cash, cheque, or by bank transfer.
Please contact me for details and options.
Gareth Kilt Lac d'ISaby

Equipment for a snowshoe hike

In winter, it is important to protect yourself from the cold, snow and wind.  It is recommended to adopt a "onion" type system by superimposing several thin layers. This will allow you to adjust your body temperature according to climatic conditions. 

  • The rental of snowshoes and poles is included within the limits of the available stock.
  • Your boots should have ankle support and be if waterproof (gore-tex type) if possible.
  • 1 pair of thick socks.

  • 1 Waterproof trousers (minimum water repellent) with windproof material.
  • An underlayer must be a thermal garment made of natural or synthetic fibre.
  • A second layer can be a fleece or a down jacket, the thickness of which will vary depending on the expected conditions and the intensity of the output.
  • The third layer will be a "hardshell" waterproof jacket that will completely isolate you from wind and rain or snow.
  • A buff (or neck) that will protect your face from the cold is also recommended.
  • A hat and a pair of gloves
  • A backpack that will allow you to carry your clothes, your picnic and your water.
  • 1.5L water minimum.
  • One in case and/or a picnic depending on the duration of the outing.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and labello.

Gareth Evans

International Mountain Leader in the French Pyrenees
SIRET : 79950775100037
+33 (0)7 81 51 04 60  
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