Discover the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees with snowshoes

Snowshoeing, an alternative to skiing

During the winter season the Pyrenees are covered by the snow, but many people, looking for their shot of adrenalin, rush straight up to the ski resorts. The wilder areas then become silent and calm, and the snowy valleys and hills are sublimated by the sun sparkling upon their white mantle.

Fortunately, these wild valleys are still accessible to hikers in search of freedom, fresh air and open spaces. On snowshoes that will allow you to progress easily in this potentially hostile environment, I will guide you to the little corners of paradise that the Pyrenees conceal in winter.

Accessible to people of all ages and physical fitness levels, a snowshoe hike will allow you to enjoy the soft and delicious scrunching of snow under your feet. Beginners will benefit from expert advice that will allow you to progress, and then I will guide the group safely up over peaks and passes that will provide you with absolutely stunning views of the Pyrenees.

Lever de soleil dans un forêt enneigé

Snowshoeing programme

Frozen lakes of Neouvielle
Le pic de Nerbiou
Secret Trails of Hautacam
Discover the Azun Valley
The lake of Isaby "Scottish style"
The Grand Tour of Hautacam
The Cirque of Gavarnie
Pont d'Espagne and Gaube Lake at Cauterets

Frozen lakes of Neouvielle

Dotted with more than 70 lakes, the Neouvielle National Nature Reserve offers a multitude of trails to discover on snowshoes during the Winter. Let’s go together for a day of wild adventure in an exceptional natural paradise.

From 9.00am to 5.00pm
Raquettes Lacs glacés de Néouvielle

Ridge of Nerbiou (Hautacam)

A walk on a ridge to discover an incredible panorama that stretches from the plain of Tarbes to the famous Roland breach and the summits of Gavarnie.

From 9.00am to 0.30pm
Raquettes Hautacam facile

Secret Trails of Hautacam

Discover the hidden and unknown wild spots of Hautacam. Superb!

From 1.30pm à 5.00pm
Raquettes Hautacam Chemins secrets

Discover the Azun Valley

The Val d'Azun is the perfect playground for a fun family outing! We will go in search of animal tracks and droppings with, as a bonus, breathtaking views of the valley!

From 9.00am to 0.30pm
From 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Raquettes Val d'Azun

The lake of Isaby "Scottish style"

Postcard scenery, off the beaten track, deer tracking and a fascinating legend. And maybe a little "Scottish" surprise so that we can travel without getting on the plane!

From 10.00am to 4.00pm
Raquettes Hautacam Lac d'Isaby

The Grand Tour of Hautacam

Ridge, plateaus, forests... the Hautacam massif is full of wonders and diversity! We will spend the day exploring every corner of this little snowshoe paradise. Variety will be the key to our happiness!
Raquettes Hautacam Grand Tour

The Cirque of Gavarnie

One of the greatest attractions of the  Pyrenees and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cirque of Gavarnie serves as a wonderful backdrop for this hike. History, geology, legends, culture... our conversations are liekly to be varied as we move through the heart of this spectacular amphitheatre on the border between France and Spain. 
From 9.00am to 12.30pm 
From 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Raquettes Gavarnie

Pont d'Espagne and Gaube Lake at Cauterets

"Grand Site" of the Pyrenees with it's famous bridge. On the menu we have the Gaube lake, views of the north face of Vignemale (the highest peak in the French Pyrenees), history and legends and maybe some "isards"!

From 9.00am to 0.30pm
From 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Raquettes Lac de Gaube Pont d'Espagne Cauterets
Please note that this programme is just an indication. The first people to sign up can choose and change the days and times of the walks. Many other hikes are also possible. 

For a hike that is harder or more specific, please contact me and I will attempt to adapt my proposals to your needs and requirements (for example : the ridges of Luz, the upper relay of the Funicular of Ayré, the Cirque of Troumouse, the Col de Lary, Pic de Saint André, a summit such as Soum de Lagette, Refuge Packe, the peak or the of Madamète, Turon de Néouvielle (53035m), Cabaliros, Petit Cabaliros, Soum de la Siarrousse, Pic de Berbeillet, lakes of Ardiden, Oulettes de Gaube, the plateau of Coumély, Refuge des Espuguettes, the plateau of Saugué, Refuge Russell and Col de Culaus, outings of different fitness levels around Refuge Wallon/Marcadau, and many many others!! Even if you had several lives to live, you would never have time to do everything in the Pyrenees!!).

Prices and payment

Half-day or evening

Adults: 30€ 
Childre: 25€
Private group (and groups of 5+) : 150€

Full day

Adults: 45€ 
Children: 40€
Private group (and groups of 5+) : 225
Large private group for full day (groups of more than 9) : 250 €
Minimum of 4 participants (if not privatised).
Method of payment: this can either be in cash, cheque, or by bank transfer.
Please contact me for details and options.
Gareth Kilt Lac d'ISaby

Equipment for a snowshoe hike

In winter, it is important to protect yourself from the cold, snow and wind.  It is recommended to adopt a "onion" type system by superimposing several thin layers. This will allow you to adjust your body temperature according to climatic conditions. 

  • The snowshoes and poles are included within the limits of the available stock.
  • Your boots should have ankle protection and if possible be waterproof (gore-tex type).
  • 1 pair of thick socks.
  • Hiking equipment is recommended instead of ski equipment. Most of the time people get too hot, but we need to carry clothes for the cold in our rucksacks just in case!

  • 1 pair of waterproof trousers (minimum water repellent) with windproof material - you can carry this in your rucksack ready to put over your normal hiking trousers if necessary.
  • An underlayer must be a thermal garment made of natural or synthetic fibre.
  • A second layer could just be a normal T-shirt.
  • A third layer can be a fleece or a down jacket, the thickness of which will vary depending on the expected conditions and the intensity of the excercise. This often spends most of the time in your rucksack but you need to have it in case the weather changes quickly.
  • The fourth layer will be a "hardshell" waterproof jacket that will completely isolate you from wind and rain or snow.
  • A buff (or neck garment) that will protect your face from the cold is also recommended. You can also use these on your head to protect you from the sun.
  • A warm hat and a pair of gloves (2 pairs are recommended in winter in case the first pair gets wet).
  • A big backpack that will allow you to carry your clothes, your picnic and your water etc.
  • 1L water minimum.
  • A snack and/or a picnic depending on the duration of the outing.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip protection.

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